The importance of a "Mother-child" bond and how to keep it strong!

The relationship

Describing the mother's relationship with her daughter or son often makes it difficult to reach a point that is as accurate as it should be! It leaves us overwhelmed with the amount of love we witness in our Mother and Child Camps, and even when we see Mothers driving their kids to our Day Camps every morning. We can indeed say that when the child looks at their mother, they feel as if they've seen a comfort zone that they run to, hug, and feel the safety and comfort they search for in every minute of the day! 

On the other hand, when we asked the mothers about their feelings when they hug their children or when they bond with them during the Mother and Child Camp, they said that they realize that the hug they give to and receive from them enrich their souls with the love and comfort they need. They stated that no matter how old they get, they will always need their children's hugs and always feel their love. 

The "Mother-child" bond and how to strengthen it

No relationship is perfect, even a mother-child one, but the bond shared always makes them find their way back to each other, building a stronger bond. At our Mother and Child Camp, we may see and face a lot of fractions in the relationship between a mother and their child. It is our role to help fix those fractions, help them create an unbreakable bond, and give them some essential tips on improving it further.

Some of the critical "DON'T-S" in a Mother-child relationship are:

  1. The controlling relationship as it removes the child's freedom and shrinks their desires and passion.
  2. Emotional disconnect as it creates an urge for the child to turn to another person to fill the emotional gap they have at that moment, and this may result in considerable disturbances in the child's character growing up. 
  3. Judgemental relationships because a child considers their mother to be their safe zone and comfort place, so being judged by this too would cause colossal confusion. 
  4. Role reversal would be a massive disappointment to any child growing up, and you shouldn't think this could ever happen because it does. It may occur in the tiniest thing, like making your daughter care for her little brother and sister by putting on them a responsibility that is not theirs to carry in the first place, it is yours, and they're only required to love and care as an elder sister, not a mother. 

Enrich them with love to get back the love you need to feel too!

The love in this unique relationship is essential; a kid learns to love and give back when they feel this from their parents. Loving them and showing that love would never make them feel "spoiled" as some parents think; they make them feel loved and so know their self-worth.