Weeks Brief

Dear parents,

We're so excited to welcome your children to camp this summer! Below, you'll find an explanation of the eight weeks we've prepared:

Week 1: Alarm ON

This week at camp, we'll blast off on a time management adventure!

Get ready to:

 Seize the moment: Learn to make the most of every opportunity.

Become proactive: Don't wait for chances, create your own!

 Master your time: Discover efficient ways to reach your goals, just like a GPS!

Time management isn't just a skill, it's a mindset!

We'll empower you to become the driver of your own destiny and chase your dreams.

Week 2: Connect

This week, we're all about building strong bonds and navigating relationships! Just like a GPS, good friends Make the journey smoother, Supportive relationships help us through life's challenges, Guide us through twists and turns, We learn from and grow with each other.

Get ready for:

 Interactive workshops: Learn communication skills and build empathy.

 Fun activities: Connect and bond with your fellow campers & Make lasting friendships

Join us and build your GPS Squad!

Week 3: Tech Wonders

The digital world is vast, but with the right skills, you can navigate it like a pro. Get ready to:

Unlock the potential & Discover the amazing things technology can do.

 Be a responsible explorer: Learn to use tech wisely and safely.

Think critically: Make informed decisions in your digital interactions.

At GPS Camp, we'll equip you with the skills to:

 Thrive in the digital world

 Become a responsible tech user

 Explore the endless possibilities

Join us and become a Tech Explorer!

Week 4: Money Matters

This week, we're unlocking the secrets to saving, spending, and succeeding! Get ready to:

 Master your money: Learn how to budget, save, and make smart choices.'

 Unleash your inner entrepreneur: Explore ways to earn and manage your own finances.

 Become a responsible spender: Discover the difference between needs and wants.

Money is a powerful tool, and at GPS Camp, we'll teach you how to use it wisely!

Week 5: Master Your Choice.

This week, we're all about mastering your decisions!

Just like a GPS helps you choose the best route, we'll teach you how to:

 Weigh your options: Think critically before making a choice.

 Solve problems: Find creative solutions to any challenge.

 Navigate your future: Make decisions with confidence.

We'll empower you to: Become a confident decision-maker Take charge of your future Embrace challenges with a proactive mindset

Join us and unlock the power of choice! 

Week 6: Mapping Traditions.

This week, our GPS takes us on a journey to Egypt! Get ready to:

 Unravel cultural mysteries: Learn about traditions, symbols, and ways of life.

 Expand your horizons: Celebrate the beauty of diversity and appreciate different perspectives.

Through exciting activities, you'll:

 Discover the power of cultural understanding: Learn to appreciate and respect different customs.

 Embark on a culinary adventure: Explore delicious Egyptian food and clothing styles.

At GPS Camp, we'll open your eyes to the wonders of Egypt and equip you with valuable life skills! 

Week 7: I FIT.

This week, we're on a mission to feel good from the inside out! Get ready to:

 Fuel your body and mind: Explore healthy habits through fun activities.

 Unleash your inner athlete: Get active with exciting outdoor games.

 Discover your creative spark: Express yourself through arts and crafts.

We believe in a holistic approach to well-being, focusing on

 Physical fitness: Staying active and healthy.

 Mental wellness: Learning to relax and manage stress.

 Cognitive development: Sharpening your mind and exploring new ideas.

At GPS Camp, we'll help you build a strong foundation for lifelong health and happiness!

Week 8: Earth Go Green.

This week, we're suiting up as Eco-Explorers! Get ready to:  Discover the wonders of nature: Explore the amazing world around us.  Become an earth protector: Learn how to care for our environment.  Make a difference: Take action for a sustainable future. At GPS Camp, we'll teach you how to:

 Reduce your impact: Learn simple ways to be eco-friendly.

 Become a voice for change: Spread awareness and inspire others.

 Be a responsible citizen of the Earth! Join us and embark on an exciting journey to protect our planet

Locations for Summer Day Camps:

locations in New Cairo :

Metropolitan International School

Narmer American College

Location in 6 Of October :

El Alsson International School - New Giza

Day Camps Fees :

Regular fees:

  • 2900 EGP for new Cairo
  • 3000 EGP for New Giza
  • 2350 EGP for weeks 1,2 & 4 ( Metropolitan )
  • 2400 EGP for weeks 1,2 & 4 ( Al Alsson)

Price may increase

* 150 EGP Registration fees ( paid once )

Camp Extras:

  • Camp Meals /week : 650 EGP (Protein - carbs - salad - desert) Price may increase
  • Camp Photos: 100 EGP
  • Late Checkout/ week: 1100 EGP Not available for West location
  • Late Checkout Daily rate :100 EGP every 30 mins.

Payment Methods:

You Can register and Pay through:

  • Our Website: https://wellspringegypt.com/
  • iOS/ Android Mobile Application.
  • In Cash or Bank Card at the Office.
  • Bank Transfer.

all offers are limited and guaranteed upon payment 

Important Notes:

  • Camps will be closed upon capacity.
  • If the camper needs special care, parents must provide a shadow teacher.
  • No nannies service is provided at Wellspring camps. All children enrolled in our Junior Camp must be fully toilet trained.
  • Our staff age is of a minimum of 16 years old, supervised by leadership & management team

Safety Measurements

  • Campers Moving Around: Campers are always supervised by their leader and never move around the campsite alone.
  • Food Allergies: To ensure the safety of all campers, please notify us of any food allergies before camp. While we strive to accommodate special dietary needs, some requests may fall outside our capabilities.
  • Medical Conditions: It's important to inform us of any medical conditions your child has before camp starts. This allows our team to be prepared and provide the best possible care.
  • Medical Care: A dedicated medical professional is always available on-site throughout camp to address any health concerns
  • Emergency Procedures: In the event of an emergency, the camp manager and medical representative will work together to contact parents and explain the situation.
  • Water Breaks: Campers receive regular water breaks throughout the day to ensure they stay hydrated.
  • Security cameras according to availability in venue, are usually in place to monitor various areas, although it should be noted that not all areas are under surveillance. In the event of an incident requiring access to recorded footage, the location will provide the available data if it has been recorded. WellSpring is not to be held responsible for any unrecorded incident