Dear Parents,

We aim to develop and build our campers’ character and believe that this is what makes WellSpring unique and distinct. At WellSpring we are committed to building up values in the next generation and have fun while doing it!


We divide the kids into two main teams: Aqua and Vida. The activities are as follows:
• Overnight Camp activities include competition, sports, pool, fun games, competitions, dancing, campfires, and discussion groups.
• Day Camps activities include competition, sports, fun games and competitions, craft, cooking, water games, pool, and discussion groups.
• The variety of activities tailors to the different interests of our campers.

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• Kids are grouped according to their age. We also run multiple programs to fit the interests of different age groups.

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• All camps have a high supervision ratio: 1 to 8, counselor to camper.
• Our counselors play the biggest part in the camper experience! They encourage, protect, love on, empower and cheer on every camper!


We have a huge pool of well trained staff; they are typically college-aged students who are able to communicate easily with our campers.


Most of our camps don’t require sleeping logistics. If details are needed we will mention them in the acceptance letter, which will be sent before the overnight camps.

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All the meals served in our camps are hot, fresh, and healthy. All of our hot meals contain meat or chicken, rice or pasta. Each meal also contains salad and vegetables.


We provide the parents with a phone number in the acceptance letter, which is provided before camp begins. The letter provides an open time to call the head of staff and s/he is responsible to answer all questions about your camper.

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Yes, they will need pocket money if they want to buy water or juice. We also have a store of WellSpring products.
Children can buy these items using their WellSpring membership card or cash. Please be advised there is water available for students at the camp at all times.

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All the activities will run in one location and the children are not allowed to go off campus on their own.

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We have specific pickup points listed in the camp application. Parents can choose the pickup point that they would like to drop the kids off and pick them up from. There is an option to bring them or pick them up from the campsite.


At WellSpring Camps, safety of the campers is always our number one priority. Throughout the camp, the activities will be monitored and facilitated by trained professionals. At no time will the campers be left unsupervised during an event or competition.
Also given the current security situation in our country since the revolution, WellSpring has, in collaboration with the management of Beit el Wadi facility, taken extra measures to ensure the safety of campers.
Extra security measures are as follows:
1. There will be a minimum of 3 trained WellSpring personnel on each bus.
2. Beit el Wadi has armed Bedouins positioned around the fence throughout the duration of the camp.
3. We have contacted the Police station next to Beit El Wadi and made sure they will assist with security on campus.
4. We have camps currently running in Beit el Wadi with no incidents whatsoever.
5. We are constantly monitoring the security situation in our changing environment and country. If at any moment we feel it necessary we will not hesitate to cancel the camp altogether.


The primary language is Arabic. The majority of our staff also speaks English.


 Sportswear
 Sweatshirts & T-shirts (tank tops are not allowed)
 Sports pants & shorts (hot shorts are not allowed)
 Sports jackets
 Underwear
 Towel
 Shower kit
 Laundry bag
 Athletic shoes
 Socks
 Cap
 Tooth brush & tooth paste
 Pen or pencil
 Party costume
 Pocket money (there will be a canteen providing only mineral water and juices and a WellSpring store selling camp souvenirs such as t-shirts, sun glasses, key chains, back packs, etc.)

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• Candies or sweets
• Electronic devices (Mobile phone, IPod, Camera, PSP…etc.)
• Precious jewelry


8000 discount (10%), 1st class discount (15%), Mobinil employees (15%), Siblings (5%), Refer a new friend (10%), group of 10-20 (10%)


Campers are allowed to choose a maximum of two friends to be in the same cabin/team. The names of the other campers should be mentioned in the application.

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