from the Inside Out


Vibrant growth and true transformation flows up from the inside. That’s what we live and believe at WellSpring.

We’re dedicated to helping youth, families, and teachers in the Egyptian community live from the inside out. Our creative blend of character-based programs nurtures the strong values that develop strong people. The inner transformation that results flows out of you, influencing your family, your community and your world.

Sound exciting? We think so too. So get started by learning more about us. It’s time to live–from the inside out.

WellSpring 2014 Events Calendar




Winter Camp – Wadi el Natron 8-12
March 2-5
Spring Camp 1 – Wadi el Natron
April 22-24
Spring Camp 2 – Wadi el Natron
April 24-26
 North Coast  - Bianchi Residential camps
June 16- July 24
USA Adventure Camp-USA
August 4-14
Cairo Day Camps - New Cairo
June 22-July 24
North Coast - Bianchi Day camps 6 – 12
Aug 3 - 29
Leadership Camps – Wadi el Natron 18-24
May 1-3,Nov 20-22
Christmas camp - Wadi el Natron
December 20-23

Come & enjoy one of the best parenting sessions by Cassie Carstens at Intercontinental City Stars on Saturday 15th of March 2014 from 5 to 8 p.m.

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