Dear Parents,

We aim to develop and build our campers’ character and believe that this is what makes WellSpring unique and distinct. At WellSpring we are committed to building up values in the next generation and have fun while doing it!

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Our school programs offer a chance for students to have fun while learning valuable lessons such as self-discipline and leadership. This program has been utilized in over 50 schools already and has impacted many lives.



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WellSpring Egypt offers local schools and their student's customized day camps that can be held onsite or at a nearby facility. Day camp activities focus on sports training, team building, and developing leadership skills.

Our day camps are an incredible, high energy experience. They allow for the highest level of fun without having to spend the night away from home!

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Schools can take advantage of our family overnight camps by encouraging students’ families to participate. Our family overnight camps serve as an opportunity for families to bond and learn to understand each other better. We do this through an exciting program of games, discussion groups, and seminars taught by specialists in family issues.

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Our Leadership Training takes 1 month to complete. Each training includes a 3- hour, weekly session at our campus. This program includes four day sessions and one overnight camp, allowing campers to experience and apply what was learned in these sessions. We also offer leadership classes for high school students held in their schools.

Our Leadership Team Building Day is a full day of training with team building activities. We hold discussion groups after the games to talk about the challenges and how we can overcome them.

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Habitudes are more than curriculum. Specifically designed for Generation Y, they are a fun, creative, and engaging way for students to learn and practice leadership.



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The Habitudes curriculum is composed of 4 courses each consisting of 13 lessons, each representing a different facet of leadership:
Course 1: The Art of Self-Leadership
Course 2: The Art of Connecting with Others
Course 3: The Art of Leading Others
Course 4: The Art of Changing Culture

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WellSpring offers a number of trainings for teachers to help them develop their leadership skills. Our desire is for teachers to encourage transformation in society. One curriculum we follow is Leading from the Inside Out which covers the topics listed below.

Leading from the Inside Out - Becoming a Servant Leader
Be Ready and Lead - Communication
Leading through Conflicts
Leading through Decision Making and Problem Solving
Leading through Critical Thinking
Leading through Motivation and Multiplication
Leading Impactful Change
Presentation Skills

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WellSpring Leadership programs help campers grow both personally and professionally through effective leadership skills that help them learn more about their character and discover their true value.



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We introduce campers to plans and objectives that help them grow both personally and professionally. Not only do our campers learn how to lead effectively, they learn about character, what it means to be a person of integrity, and discover their true value.