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We aim to develop and build our campers’ character and believe that this is what makes WellSpring unique and distinct. At WellSpring we are committed to building up values in the next generation and have fun while doing it!

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Our overnight camps encourage students to explore their talents, acquire new skills, and learn life-long values. Filled with exhilarating and fun-filled activities like wall climbing, zip lines, and high ropes courses, campers will grow in many ways through these activities.

Overnight camps are usually held at our facility in Beit El Wadi or another facility of the client’s choice. Our camps encourage students to explore their talents, acquire new skills and learn positive values for their lives. Filled with exhilarating and fun-packed activities like climbing walls, zip lines, and high ropes courses, students learn many different values through these activities.

Upcoming camps

Special activities


design your own city, be creative, designer and architecture.


Go out of your comfort zone, learn about team work in Cabin Cleanup.

Cabin Clean Up

strive to play as much as you can and make it possible.

Mission Impossible

Learn about perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority, while playing Soccer.

High Ropes

Trust yourself, give your 100%  and live the dream.

Zip Line

Inspiring and motivating time, simply the best time ever in the camp

Camp Fire

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Overnight camps are usually held in Beit El Wadi. Our overnight camps can also be held at the location of our clients choosing. For more information on this, please contact us at

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