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WellSpring Leadership helps you discover your leadership abilities.


Team Building & Leadership Training

Transform your team

Experiential learning brings lessons to life for you and your team
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Habitudes Training

Become a life-giving leader

Nurture your understanding of leading others
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Principles & Values

Fresh insights in a collaborative environment.

Join others as you discover your guiding values
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Character Building

Learn to lead by example

Cultivate positive character in yourself and others.
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The source of WellSpring Leadership


Developing a new generation of influential leaders who:

  • Are able to integrate their constructive values into the fabric of their families, schools and communities.
  • Strive for an efficient and ethical environment.
  • Start and maintain positive change in their sphere of influence.
  • Leadership Staff

    We know that the heart of having a GREAT camp is having GREAT STAFF!

“The two day camp that made us all realize things in our lives that we woudn’t have without wellspring’s amazing staff.”

-Hala, Camper
  • FUN

  • Team Building

  • Group Discussions

You are in a position of influence, even if you don't hold a leadership title. Every day, your life and your actions affect someone, whether it’s in a classroom or a community. At WellSpring Leadership, we believe leadership isn’t a position; it’s the influence you already have. And with us you’ll find the support and training you need to transform the way you use that influence for yourself and others.

We serve university students, teachers, and staff members of NGOs and non-profit organizations with innovative, hands-on programs that work together to nurture positive change. The transformation first happens on the inside of you and then overflows into the lives around you, inspiring your family, your students, your co-workers and your world.

It’s time to transform your influence – from the inside out.